samedi 1 février 2014

Dolores Haze

    I find myself thinking it is idiotic that I am devoting this post to a film that is almost as old as I am but the truth is I have only just seen it. I seem to have a hard time believing my own self when I say that my first time watching this 1997 classic was just a couple days ago but alas, it is the truth.  After hearing about it countless times I thought I had a good idea of how the story would unfold before my eyes but boy was I wrong. If anything ,I was not prepared for the dreamy , hazy film that is Lolita. It seemed to me like the entirety of it was covered in a misty fog , much like the snippets of dreams you remember a few moments after waking in the morning. Everything, from the long shots of Dolores and Humbert driving along an endless sandy road to the intimate moments these two share in a small and crowded hotel room is reminiscent of a summer's warm and cozy reverie. The hypnotic score enchants you and soon you are in this trance , one that you thoroughly enjoy. 

     At first I didn't understand what it was that turned this film into a cult classic, if I can say that, and Lo into one of the most adored and treasured female characters - though I found myself thinking she was immature and even annoying for the most part - . So adored that she is still a part of our conversations today while characters such as Elizabeth in Prozac Nation ( A film that's also been quite popular among the same audience ) have been forgotten. I gave this question some thought and I have finally come to this conclusion :

    We are all Dolores Haze. We are girls , little girls, striving , needing to be wanted, sexy , provocative despite the fact that a part of ourselves - and a rather important one at that - lingers on in childhood.