dimanche 5 décembre 2010

Hello blog world !

Hey blog readers !   

I'm Anna Saviolakis and this is the first entry of my blog ! I will be talking about fashion , music , litterature and everything in between. Just like an ELLE magazine , my blog will have great diversity ! i have always had an open mind and I think it's time to share it with you .

I have quit an undicided style, ranging from cute and feminine to more edgy and dark . It's always been the same with music. I have been into indie for a while now but really, i can be listening to Lykke li one day , and Drake the next!

I really hope that you enjoy my blog as much as i enjoy working on it :)

Love ,

  Photo credits : Lykke Li  http://jpsblog.net/2010/11/16/new-video-lykke-li-get-some-2/  Drake http://myrebirth.fr/artistes/drake/drake3/

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