samedi 11 décembre 2010

on the wild side leopard

Out of all the animal prints , leopard is my favorite ! One little leopard accessorie can make any casual outfit chic. I always thought that leopard print was very versatile ,since it can go from being elegent to edgy .

Lately, I have been seing leopard print EVERYWHERE! From clutches to platforms , i'm loving it all ! So lets make a statemen, It's time to be wild !

                                       Kourtney kardashian here is stepping out in prada pumps

                                                   ALDO Nolton leopard print platform pumps 

 I guess leopard print is one of those trends that comes and goes really quickly but I do hope that this time it will last a little longer ! 

Anna <3

photo credits :    ALDO  Kourteny kardashian

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