lundi 13 décembre 2010

Oh Lissie!

Probably my favorite artiste of the moment , Lissie has now won over my heart. I have been obsessed with her music since I heard in sleep for the first time this summer. I loved how edgy, raw and real her music was. And that wasn't it, she also has an amazing personal style that cannot quit be defined.

Inspired by her grandfather, who would sing along at the church, Lissie started off " making up these little songs and melodies, writing these poems and putting them to music". But Lissie never was a little Illinois church-singing girl. Actually, she was quite a little rebel. She was trouble trouble, cutting class and getting thrown out of school.

She later started singing at coffee shops, bars and clubs.Her career eventually took off when she started being regognised by fans and press such as Nylon and Marie Claire after recording a five-track EP with friend Bill Reynolds.

Now Lissie spends more time in London. where the press can't get enough of her. Some of her greatest songs to me are "Everywhere I go" "when i'm alone" and "in sleep".Gocheck her out, I promise you will love!


Anna <3


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